Daniel Uhlfelder isn’t your average attorney.

While the Stanford and Florida-educated lawyer’s resume stacks up against his peers, Daniel has dedicated his life to fighting for civil rights — often in unconventional ways — including protesting against Governor Ron DeSantis’ dangerous policies by walking crowded Florida beaches costumed as the Grim Reaper.

Growing up, Daniel was immersed in social justice and his worldview was shaped by the belief that failing to stand up for what is right could have grave consequences. Daniel was born in Florida, but his family endured a harrowing journey to get to the United States as Nazis tore his family apart. Daniel’s great grandparents were killed in concentration camps, but his grandfather was able to escape. Stories from this time inform Daniel’s drive to live a life of purpose and gratitude.

These lessons often led Daniel to stand up to his peers when he faced incidents of hate, and admire the types of leaders who did the right thing for their constituents — even if it was politically inconvenient. 

In the face of hatred, his drive and tenacity led him through challenging years of high school and onto Stanford University and Florida Law. While getting his education, Daniel built up an impressive resume serving as a law clerk, summer associate and staff aide in the White House, the United States Attorney General's Office, the United States Senate, and the United States House of Representatives.

Following his graduation from law school, Daniel served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Donald M. Middlebrooks, United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of Florida in Miami, Florida. Then, Daniel spent two years as a trial attorney with a top trial law firm, Colson, Hicks, Eidson in Miami. Here, he handled products liability, personal injury, commercial, and criminal matters.

Now, as a seasoned attorney with 25 years of legal experience, Daniel is ready to use his expertise to directly impact the lives of Floridians and the future of the Sunshine State.

Daniel lives in the Panhandle city of Santa Rosa Beach, with his wife Michelle, daughter Daisy, their son Henry, their dogs Heidi and Pepper, and their cat KitKat.